KOA@HOME DIY Candle Making

This kit contains all the ingredients to get you started and experience the art of candle making.  Our Candle Re-fill packs are designed to give your empty Koa cups a second candle life. Containing the deconstructed heart of your favourite KOA candle; two fine fragrance oil blends, 100% soy wax flakes, natural cotton fibre wick and a few extra ‘tools of the trade’ to have you pouring candles like a pro.

THE BASIC Candle Re-fill Kit includes:
• 1 x pouch of soy wax flakes
• 2 x Koa Fine Fragrance Oil Blend
• 3 x Warning Labels
• 3 x Cotton Wick (To suit our Small KOA cups – 8cm opening)
• 1 x Wick holder
• 1 x Stirrer 

*Koa cup not included – this kit is designed to re-purpose your Small Koa cups 

Tools you will need to find in your kitchen at home:

• 1 x Kitchen / Cooking Thermometer
• 1 x Large Pot / Saucepan
• 1 x Small Heat Proof Jug

Please note: We do not recommend using your own vessel (apart from your empty KOA cup) to ensure safety. KOA does not accept responsibility for the performance or outcome of this product.