Zoom Large Cup - Pale Yellow & Lilac (1 piece available)

Large Cup - Pale Yellow & Lilac (1 piece available)


Our cups are designed to re-connect your mind and body to the moment. We are strong believers of making time for yourself in the busy world we live in.

Whether that's 5 mins in the morning with your daily 'wake me up' coffee or a few moments in the afternoon with a sip of tea. We hope to encourage you to re-connect with yourself through taking time out and enjoying a little 'me time'. 


Our Large Cups 

Feature a handle-less cup design, our large Koa cups are perfect for tea, coffee, smoothies and hot chocolates.  Approximately 350mls. 

9cm D x 10cm H

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Hand carved - Natural finish - Full glaze inside - Food safe 

All Koa stoneware cups are ethically hand carved creating a unique personality within each and every piece. All of our products are limited edition designs. Sold Individually. 


Our handmade ceramics balance colour, pattern and texture to evoke playful tea parties, calming ‘me time’ and feel good spaces.


Combine with our Large Tea Pots OR pair with another cup design for the perfect gift. 


Large Cup - Pale Yellow & Lilac (1 piece available)