Just saying hello. A beautiful soulful friend of mine put me onto your products with a small cup that I use for peppermint infusion, a larger mug that I use for my coffee, and a heavenly scented candle (which will eventually become her coffee mug). Can’t wait to place my first order as a Christmas present and love your ideas, the patterns, the feel of the mugs, and the way they snuggle into my hands. Thank you! – Simon

They’ve become my transport mug, the cup that takes me to far away places as I sink into my space!  – Annalisa

Hi Kaitlin, my husband and I bought a couple of your mugs at FK in Adelaide, mine had the cucumber candle in it and I just wanted to let you know I’m always trialling new candles to find a scent I love and a strength that will actually fill the room but this has been so hard! I’ve tried Glasshouse, Ecoya, AromatherapyCo, My Soy Sister, but your candle is hands down a winner. I can smell it even when it isn’t lit and when it is it fills my house. So thank you for cracking a perfect scent choice/blend strength, what an added delight that one of my favourite mugs has a beautiful candle in it!

I’ll keep adding to my collection whenever you’re in adel, I have 4 now and feel my kitchen is a little cooler for it.  – Rach

Bought my mum two of your cups and a vase for her birthday recently! Would just like to say that they had been a huge hit, now they are the only cups she and my dad use! Will definitely be returning to buy some more! – Issy